Boss Orange

Boss Orange glasses will surprise even most picky customers who are looking for comfort and style quality in their eyeglasses. Boss Orange glasses are made by German fashion brand Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss is known for a high standard of quality and also a high standard of environmentally friendly manufacturing. Good manufacturing ethics makes Hugo Boss a leader in how fashion business can operate with minimal environmental impact. Boss Orange is a diffusion line by Hugo Boss and is geared towards customers who are active and are looking for fashion neutral, classic style. You will be pleasantly surprised by a large choice of eyeglasses and sunglasses this brand has to offer.

Pair your Boss Orange glasses or sunglasses purchase with high quality prescription lenses. All lenses are made in Canada by world leading lenses manufacturer Essilor. At Button Eyes Optical we offer a competitive price for both frames and lenses to satisfy even most picky customers. Buy Boss Orange glasses and enjoy them for years to come.