Burberry New Logo is a Success

30 July 2019

Burberry 2019 logoLast year Burberry broke a century-old tradition and came up with a new logo. Something that didn't work for Yves Saint Laurent worked very well for Burberry to the surprise of many. The new logo is modern-looking, almost cartoon styled, 2D in a few colors. It also has letter T in it for Thomas, the founder of the brand. Burberry heavily advertized products with this new logo and came up with many creative ways of writing it. All products are now made with a new logo. There is no trace of the old logo at all.

2018 and newer Burberry sunglasses are also using a new logo. Letters are bolder and slightly more rounded than before. The overall style has not changed for sunglasses. They remain to be more conservative, English pragmatic style. All Burberry products are generally very safe and are meant to last forever. Such a consistent style is what Burberry is known for. Trench coats, long skirts, beige/brown and neutral colors, and a signature checker pattern.

Burberry has diversified to sportswear more this year. Instead of just making casual wear, Burberry now has a line specifically for tennis. Tennis historically has been a sport favored by the company founder. That was in times when people wore a suit to play tennis. These days tennis players wear shorts, skirts, and T-shirts. Traditional tennis color in England is white. Burberry tennis wear is something you definitely can wear outside of court. I would say it's almost too fancy to wear for running after the ball. You'd be better off sipping a cappuccino somewhere at the patio :)