Max Mara – An Artisan Quality by a Global Brand

24 January 2017

Max Mara has an interesting family history. A company founder Achille Maramotti at age of 25 had an idea. What if he can create one perfectly tailored coat and one suit and make it mainstream? He successfully did it in 1951 when most of Italian women ordered their clothing from custom tailors. Achille Maramotti wanted all women to look their best and buy coats and suits off the rack. His ingenious advertising was to place his clothing at the windows of fabric stores where he bought fabric in native Reggio Emila, small Italian town.

Today Max Mara is a global brand with 2200 locations in 90 countries. The first coat Max Mara 101801 is still considered a base for every private collection. Max Mara sunglasses first started to appear in advertising in 80’s and today Max Mara sunglasses are considered unique product for true fashion followers. Max Mara, while being a mega brand, is not a main stream brand. It is still considered smaller brand for people who appreciate classic with the twist of modern. Perhaps this strategy was the key to brands success.

Max Mara GEM

Achille Maramotti famously hired French designers such as Karl Largerfeld to do collections for Max Mara anonymously to keep the brand separated from the designer’s name. This strategy is still in play from Max Mara that is chaired by Achille’s son. A company is also one of the few independently owned fully by Maramotti’s family of 4 children and 9 grandchildren. It is not part of any fashion groups, nor it’s publicly traded.

Similar to Chanel, Max Mara is not after exponentially growing profits at the expense of style or quality. Most of clothing is still made in Europe. All Max Mara sunglasses are made in Italy. It is a brand to enjoy and cherish.

Max Mara Shaded

Max Mara Layeres

Max Mara 0002