Ralph Lauren's Jamaica Retreat

30 March 2018

Ralph Lauren is a trend-setting American fashion brand that has evolved into a high-end global brand. Today Ralph Lauren has five lines that resonate with people of all price sectors. They are The Collection, Purple Label, RL, Ralph, and Lauren. The Collection shows on runways and is the one that sets the direction for other lines.

Ralph Lauren RL8156 sunglasses RL8156 sunglasses

This spring Ralph Lauren chose a Jamaica topic. The entire collection is made in a recreational, casual style in predominantly blue and white colors. Ralph Lauren style uses clean color tones with simple details and widely avoids patterns and excessive layering. He looks for perfection in a simply designed piece of clothing by accenting it with either color or one detail such a buckle, button or a belt. Nautical style is customer favorite and it is widely present in 2018 Spring collection.

When describing the collection Ralph Lauren said that he wanted to bring people in the recreational mood and remind himself of serenity he experienced during his Jamaica vacation.Ralph Lauren sunglasses are made in classic style. Slightly enlarged frames with a modern cat eye lines are most popular this season. Retro round sunglasses and aviators are for men. They look exceptionally good with white pants and moccasins wore on the barefoot.