Tory Burch Sunglasses Is The Best Gift To Yourself

5 January 2016

We think Tory Burch sunglasses are the best gift for yourself because they are chic, very beautiful, inexpensive and fun. Tory Burch is the fastest growing luxury brand in the world.
How did young designer, not even a designer historically became so popular? We digged into some press to find out.
Tory Burch is a 21st century phenomenon. She was born rich and was married to a rich guy, but she also happen to be extremely hard working and sharp willed person. One day, after working for many corporations in marketing and publishing, she decided to start her own brand. Was it a call of a spoiled person or a true passion? Who knows... But it all worked because Tory was well familiar with how luxury life feels like, but she was also determined to work for a middle class women who like fashion, but are left off due to extremely high prices for everything big brand name.
According to Tory Burch, quality is not something that has to be compromised for a mid brand. If you do everything right, bite a bullet and dedicate your company to creating best quality fashion merchandise at the most affordable price you will come up with a remarkable product.
Having borrowed a few million from her husband, Tory opened her first retail store in New York 10 years ago. She was very smart to go deep into retail herself because she didn't know fashion business from her past jobs and wanted to learn from the bottom up. That was another very good move because she learnt fast! She learnt first hand from New York random customer, not her friends who would give bias opinion, of what they really want.
Tory herself also has an impecable taste to color and material. She undestands that clothing has to feel good and it will not feel good if the fabric is cheap. Not compromising on color and fabric was another genious move.

Tory Burch sunglasses is a true treat for girls and women. They are colorful and playful, in the meanwhile they look good!