What Does Swarvoski Means for You

5 January 2023

Swarovski brand is synonymous with crystals. Every time you see crystals on any product, you would hear it has Swarovski crystals on it. The word Swarovski will accompany word crystals, whether it's true or not. So Swarovski word in a way overpowers word crystal. Swarowski crystal is not just a shiny glass stone; it's something more than than, something very close to diamond. The company founder Daniel Swarovski would be very happy to know that his long-time vision to make diamonds affordable for everyone come true in so many ways.

The company was founded 125 years ago in Austria. Daniel Swarovski pioneered a glass cutting machine that cut and polished glass in small pieces making them look like diamonds. To this day, a huge part of the Swarovski business is the manufacturing of such machines. The company is also a rare phenomenon in today's business world by the fact that it is family-owned. It is now run by fifth-generation Swarovski family and is privately held.

The company grew to new heights in the last 20 years by growing in North America and opening flagship stores in luxury malls and shopping centers. The face of the company for many years was Miranda Kerr.

Swarovski sunglasses and eyeglasses have also come about some 15 years ago. Adored by so many for the shiny, beautiful decorations, they are women's favorites. If you want to look beautiful and feel beautiful, buy Swarovski sunglasses!