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Dior sunglasses are always made with the idea of best quality and style. Dior sunglasses designers strive for perfection and make sure that every edge, every corner and style element is made in balance and look perfect. For Dior quality has always been in utmost importance ever since Christian Dior founded the brand back in the 1930s. He enjoyed feminine beauty and was a visionary not only in the aesthetic aspect of fashion but also a technical and practical one. His upper-class upbringing helped to appreciate the purpose of clothing, shoes, and accessories as to enhance the look and bring out confidence in his customer. Today Dior is number one most valued fashion brand in the world. Dior sunglasses are wanted by millions of people around the globe. Most known Dior sunglasses styles are feminine rectangular acetate glasses, metal round sunglasses with a mirror lens and since recently wire thin, oversized metal sunglasses with slit colored lens.

Pair your Dior sunglasses purchase with high-quality prescription lenses. All lenses are made in Canada by world leading lenses manufacturer Essilor. At Button Eyes Optical we offer a competitive price for both frames and lenses to satisfy even most picky customers. Buy Dior sunglasses and enjoy them for years to come.
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