Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Location

All products purchased at Button Eyes Optical ship from Vancouver, Canada.

Processing Times

Depending on the brand, it may take 2-14 days to process your order. Most of orders ship within 1 week. Shipping times are in addition to order processing time and also vary based on your location. Delivery within Canada is 2-5 days, 7 days to US and 7-10 days to rest of the world.


There is no customs within Canada and most of US States. There could be customs for shipments to Europe and Australia.


Every pair of eyeglases shipped from Button Eyes Optical is covered by at least $100 insurance.


All purchases are shipped within tracking number. The tracking number is provided to all customers after the package has been shipped.

Claim's Handling

If you haven't received your package within expected delivery date, please verify the tracking to ensure that the package is not left at your local post office. If the tracking number shows a problem, please contact us to open a claim. Only shipper can open a claim and we will be happy to do it on your behalf. Most of the time the package will be found. In a rare event if package is lost, we will reimburse you for your entire purchase or ship another pair of eyeglasses if still in stock.

If the package is returned to us due to wrong address, we will gladly resend it to you. Shipping charges may apply.

Ship to Countries


United States

European Union


Shipping Fees

Canada - Free

United States - CAD $10

European Union - CAD $30

Australia - CAD $30


Our shipping fees are discounted. Actual shipping costs are higher, Canada ($10-$20), United States ($20), European Union ($55-$85), Australia ($65-$85). When package is returned to us, the actual shipping costs will be deducted from the purchase price, plus handling charges $5

Special Requests and Gift Wrapping

If you have any special requests, such as gift wrapping, native language customs declaration filling, please let us know after your order is placed.