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  • What Does Swarvoski Means for You

    5 Jan 2023

    Swarovski brand is synonymous with crystals. Every time you see crystals on any product, you would hear it has Swarovski crystals on it. The word Swarovski will accompany word crystals, whether it's true or not. So Swarovski word in a way overpowers word crystal. Swarowski crystal is not just a shiny glass stone; it's something more than than, something very close to diamond. The company founder Daniel Swarovski would be very happy to know that his long-time vision to make diamonds affordable for everyone come true in so many ways.

    The company was founded 125 years ago in Austria. Daniel Swarovski pioneered a glass cutting machine that cut and polished glass in small pieces making them look like diamonds. To this day, a huge part of the Swarovski business is the manufacturing of such machines. The company is also a rare phenomenon in today's business world by the fact that it is family-owned. It is now run by fifth-generation Swarovski family and is privately held.

    The company grew to new heights in the last 20 years by growing in North America and opening flagship stores in luxury malls and shopping centers. The face of the company for many years was Miranda Kerr.

    Swarovski sunglasses and eyeglasses have also come about some 15 years ago. Adored by so many for the shiny, beautiful decorations, they are women's favorites. If you want to look beautiful and feel beautiful, buy Swarovski sunglasses!

  • Burberry New Logo is a Success

    30 Jul 2019

    Burberry 2019 logoLast year Burberry broke a century-old tradition and came up with a new logo. Something that didn't work for Yves Saint Laurent worked very well for Burberry to the surprise of many. The new logo is modern-looking, almost cartoon styled, 2D in a few colors. It also has letter T in it for Thomas, the founder of the brand. Burberry heavily advertized products with this new logo and came up with many creative ways of writing it. All products are now made with a new logo. There is no trace of the old logo at all.

    2018 and newer Burberry sunglasses are also using a new logo. Letters are bolder and slightly more rounded than before. The overall style has not changed for sunglasses. They remain to be more conservative, English pragmatic style. All Burberry products are generally very safe and are meant to last forever. Such a consistent style is what Burberry is known for. Trench coats, long skirts, beige/brown and neutral colors, and a signature checker pattern.

    Burberry has diversified to sportswear more this year. Instead of just making casual wear, Burberry now has a line specifically for tennis. Tennis historically has been a sport favored by the company founder. That was in times when people wore a suit to play tennis. These days tennis players wear shorts, skirts, and T-shirts. Traditional tennis color in England is white. Burberry tennis wear is something you definitely can wear outside of court. I would say it's almost too fancy to wear for running after the ball. You'd be better off sipping a cappuccino somewhere at the patio :)

  • Versace Sunglasses Now or Never

    2 Jan 2019

    The Versace is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. The brand that made a fashion revolution back in the 90s is respected for going all in when it came to creating sexy, loud and luxury designs. Versace is all about luxury, and you feel it from the moment you look at their purse, shoes or sunglasses. Gianni Versace, a brand founder once famously said: "Fashion is about putting color to our life." He looked at fashion as bright and fun part of life. There should never be anything boring or sad about fashion. Fashion suppose to make life better.

    Versace 4334
    Versace VE4334

    When you buy a pair of Versace sunglasses, you are buying good mood, general satisfaction. Every time you wear Versace sunglasses you feel empowered, shielded from the negative world. This kind of
    Philosophy is in brand's blood that was carried by Donatella Versace for 20 years since Gianni's tragic murder.

    Versace VE2189
    Versace 2189
    Two thousand eighteen marked an important year for the Versace brand. Donatella Versace announced that the brand would be sold to Michael Kors brand and she will retire in a few years. Knowing that the decision was inevitable, she made a Tribute Collection, which probably is the most important Versace collection of all times. The collection gathered all popular designs from Gianni's time. Versace sunglasses once again look stunning with yellow gold Medusa logos, very dark lenses and thick temples.

    It's worth noting that Donatella is the reason why brand thrived over the past 20 years opening hundreds of stores around the world. She didn't let the media concentrate on her brother died when it was time to carry on with creating beauty and fun for the customers. She kept her brother legacy alive by always noting that the Versace style is created by Gianni. In the meanwhile, she created thousands of styles that are her own. She is a legend and is a fashion icon.
  • Giorgio Armani Glasses Are For Successful Life

    27 Aug 2018

    Cate Blanchett in Armani

    Giorgio Armani glasses have gained a reputation for being for office, business, and suit. Office culture changed in the past 20 years and the line between business style and casual style faded. Giorgio Armani style remains to be professional so to speak, but it works for more occasions and suits more people.

    Giorgio Armani glasses have signature wire thin temples. The logo is hidden and not shown too much. When you wear Giorgio Armani glasses, you will not be judged for being too fashionable, strange or funny. You will be regarded as a person of style, well composed and trustable.
    Giorgio Armani AR5081
    Giorgio Armani AR5081

    Giorgio Armani AR7161
    Giorgio Armani AR7161

    Giorgio Armani glasses will not go out of style ever. After 20 years in business, we still see classic rectangular and round shapes as dominating. The evolution of style happened mostly between the color and gender direction. Armani used to be a men's brand. It has evolved into women's brand. More than 50% of Armani clothing at their online store is for women. Many female celebrities are advertising their products. Cate Blanchett, Cindy Crawford, Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard to name a few.

    Giorgio Armani carefully chooses brand ambassadors. It is important for him that person is not just his personal friend, he or she must have a non-scandalous reputation. Girls and guys that advertise for Armani don't get into trouble, don't divorce and don't cheat. They behave on camera and in personal life. Rebels are for other brands, like Diesel or Roberto Cavalli. Perfect reputation is for Armani.

    Buy Giorgio Armani glasses from Button Eyes Optical online.

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