Methods of Payments

We accept Visa, Master Card and Visa Debit.

We don't accpet PayPal and American Express at this time.


All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

When you are paying with the credit card from another country, your currency will be converted to Canadian dollars.


The payments page at Button Eyes Optical is secured and encrypted. We don't store your credit card information on our servers and all we see is Approval or Declined by your bank as well as CVV match and Address match information.


The payment will be only taken on the day or day before your order is shipped. The payment is not collected on the day you are making a purchase. If your order is cancelled, your transaction will be void. It may take 7-30 days to process the transaction void. Void transaction is done by your bank and no money are withdrawn from your card unless we ship your eyeglasses.

Refunds for returned eyeglasses will be posted in Canadian dollars. Depending on your bank, it could be the same amount as you paid originally or it could be the amount according to the currency conversion on the day of refund.