Versace Sunglasses Now or Never

2 January 2019

The Versace is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. The brand that made a fashion revolution back in the 90s is respected for going all in when it came to creating sexy, loud and luxury designs. Versace is all about luxury, and you feel it from the moment you look at their purse, shoes or sunglasses. Gianni Versace, a brand founder once famously said: "Fashion is about putting color to our life." He looked at fashion as bright and fun part of life. There should never be anything boring or sad about fashion. Fashion suppose to make life better.

Versace 4334
Versace VE4334

When you buy a pair of Versace sunglasses, you are buying good mood, general satisfaction. Every time you wear Versace sunglasses you feel empowered, shielded from the negative world. This kind of
Philosophy is in brand's blood that was carried by Donatella Versace for 20 years since Gianni's tragic murder.

Versace VE2189
Versace 2189
Two thousand eighteen marked an important year for the Versace brand. Donatella Versace announced that the brand would be sold to Michael Kors brand and she will retire in a few years. Knowing that the decision was inevitable, she made a Tribute Collection, which probably is the most important Versace collection of all times. The collection gathered all popular designs from Gianni's time. Versace sunglasses once again look stunning with yellow gold Medusa logos, very dark lenses and thick temples.

It's worth noting that Donatella is the reason why brand thrived over the past 20 years opening hundreds of stores around the world. She didn't let the media concentrate on her brother died when it was time to carry on with creating beauty and fun for the customers. She kept her brother legacy alive by always noting that the Versace style is created by Gianni. In the meanwhile, she created thousands of styles that are her own. She is a legend and is a fashion icon.