Prodesign 1778

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Prodesign 1778

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Product SpecificationSpecification

Product Details
  • Frame material: Plastic
  • Rim type: Full rim

Ruby Dark Brushed: Prodesign 1778 (4136)

Plum Dark Brushed: Prodesign 1778 (3736)

Khaki Light Brushed: Prodesign 1778 (9716)

Navy Dark Brushed: Prodesign 1778 (9136)

Brown Dark Brushed: Prodesign 1778 (5036)

Orange Brown Brushed: Prodesign 1778 (4636)


53 mm 16 mm 135 mm
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Glasses Prodesign 1778 are from 2016 collection. 2016 model of Prodesign 1778 was initially released in several colors. For current color availability, please see cart options or submit your inquiry below.