Burberry Traditional Glasses Styles Stand Above The Trend

10 December 2016

Burberry traditional glasses2017 year promises to be revolutionary in eyewar industry. We already see most of fashion brands taking a steep step forward in glasses styles making them very fashionable and innovative. Cat eye, oversized square, bright colors and patterns - anything but classic and traditional. Burberry, on other hand, just like with their clothing, remains true to itself and continues making glasses that everyone is used to.

Should it have been Dior or Prada, fashion critics would say that they are dated. But no one is dare to say this about Burberry, a brand that evolved, but kept their fundamental style for over 100 years. The basics of the design is straight lines, thin frames and temples and signature Burberry pattern that first appeared in trench coat lining.

Burberry BE2230 Glasses
Burberry BE2230 Glasses

Kate Moss in BurberryThere are plenty of customers who prefer Burberry glasses and sunglasses over fashion counterparts. Every British celebrity is a fan of Burberry and is frequently photographed in Burberry trench coat. Kate Moss, Wil.i.am, Prince Charles and of course Princess Diana who wore her Burberry coat to even official outings.

As soon as Burberry came to America, it soon captured hearts of local public. Whether you are trendy person or not, Burberry is considered must have for every waredrobe. Same applies to Burberry sunglasses. Rich glasses collection contains fashionable and current glasses styles along with traditional. No other brand fits better than Burberry. Burberry glasses will not look dated, they just look traditional. Because brand designers so skilfully introduce new styles and blend them into classic Burberry designs, Burberry evolves unnoticeably.
Burberry BE4222F sunglasses
Burberry BE4222F Sunglasses

Best selling Burberry sunglasses are aviators, metal rectangulars and acetate rectangulars. Best selling Burberry glasses are square, rectangular and slightly rounded rectangular shapes.