Carrera Presents New Maverick Collection

9 November 2016

Carrera is a special brand. Special in many ways. Firstly, it is one of the oldest sunglasses brands that was part of the reason eyeglasses are fashion accessory today. Secondly, Carrera eyewear creates its own trends by simply making best products for their customers. It’s the customer that counts, not a fashion trend or news splash. Carrera also understands that you can’t please everyone, so it goes after active, trend neutral and comfort demanding customers. Most of them are men. This makes Carrera sunglasses most desired brand among men.

Carrera 113 Sunglasses

Carrera is also smart about price points. While many of glasses are made in Italy, many are made in China without quality compromise. There is price compromise that is passed on to customers. Made from premium materials with highest technology laser equipment, Carrera glasses are awesome quality, yet have reasonable price tag.

Carrera 115 S
Carrera 115S Sunglasses

Carrera 118S
Carrera 118S Sunglasses

Carrera 6659

Carrera 6659 Glasses

Carrera 6660 glasses
Carrera 6660 Glasses

Carrera new Maverick Collection is presented this year by Oscar winning actor and singer Jared Leto. Jared Leto does carry through the image of Carrera very well. Rebellious, good looking, active and talented. Jared Leto is known for his deep fashion respect, and he makes Carrera glasses look edgy and trendy.

The Carrera Maverick collection promises t be best selling in 2017!