Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, a perfect pairing for the spring

24 February 2018

MarcJacobs @ Twitter

Marc Jacobs is one of the most respected creative geniuses of our times. He is not only creative in art, but also in how he runs his business. Many people know Marc Jacobs for the cat-faced shoes. But he mainly made his name as a creative director for Luis Vuitton. When highly traditional brand Luis Vuitton hit a creative wall, Marc Jacobs was hired to bring the brand to our times. He was able to gain the interest of young and rich with the thematic collections such as graffiti (2001), checkmate(2013), hotel (2011) and others. Today themes is a new normal for every fashion show. But back in 1998 when Marc Jacobs was making his designer debut, themes was a completely new and unexplored idea.

Today Marc Jacobs is creative director of his own brand. Marc Jacobs has stores all over the world and is a regular participant at the Paris, New York and other fashion weeks. Marc Jacobs sunglasses are selling like a hot cake. They are always very well made, have a unique factor and most importantly look fun. Marc Jacobs sunglasses have always had two purposes – one to protect your eyes from the sun, and another is to make you look fashionable.