Roberto Cavalli Heads Forward With New Creative Director

10 May 2017

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses on runwayRoberto Cavalli, a global Italian brand, has made an announcement today that the new Creative Director for the company will be Paul Surridge. Not much known about Paul, other than he has worked behind the scenes for Calvin Klein, Burberry and other niche luxury brands.

Roberto Cavalli has been looking for the new path in fashion without the founder Roberto Cavalli himself after he retired in 2015. Peter Dundas has been a new face of the brand for a year and a half until 2016. The hippy style introduced by Peter, somewhat in sync with Gucci, may be is nostalgic to people with money, but it didn't stuck to make last year a breakthrough for the brand.

Company has also been through tough restructuring aiming to cut a third of it's workforce to re-establish profitability. It's been obviously very tough to keep a public interest without the base of the brand, a company designer of almost 40 years.

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses have always had their own path as any of the accessories. They are sold primarily through optical boutiques and have had a steady success. As long as they are made with metuculous attention to detail as always, Roberto Cavalli eyewear will remain to Roberto Cavalli sunglassesdesigner by any fashion fan.
Today, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are fashion accessories that portray the main style of the departed company founder - wild shapes, busy color combinations, strasses and snakes! Roberto Cavalli has taken inspiration from nature drawing upon animal and flower colorations.

Many Roberto Cavalli sunglasses have snake as a part of decorations. Roberto Cavalli inventive design style will be hard to keep up. The brand has never been mainstream, exactly what new company owners are trying to do. It is known that

Roberto Cavalli instead of passing the business on to his children, has sold it to another company that wants to grow the brand to the new level.
We are very excited to see what Paul Surridge will come up with!