Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses Dominate Demand for Chic Aviators

2 October 2016

Tiffany aviatorsIn a few years after Tiffany sunglasses were first produced they quickly filled the niche for chic aviator sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses shape is the most popular shape today for both men and woman. Aviator shape offers an alternative to plastic rectangular or other sunglasses, more casual and sporty alternative. Regular aviator sunglasses i.e. by Ray-Ban do not work for everybody because of the radical droopy shape and very basic wire thin temples. We can now say that Tiffany reinvented aviator sunglasses by offering customers more variety of shape choice and temple decoration than any other brand.

Tiffany & Co is the most important jewellery brand in America and the most identifiable in the world. It has sold millions of diamond engagement rings and other important jewellery, was element of many Hollywood movie episodes and also some large scandals. Many people when they think of Tiffany brand they think of green jewellery box and of Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. In similar manner people from eyewear industry think of Tiffany aviator sunglasses when they think of Tiffany brand.

Aviator sunglasses shape is very desirable in the modern days because it suits lifestyles of many people. We dress more casually than before and prefer fusion style. Fusion style example would be high heel shoes with jeans, polo t-shirt with skirt or sneakers with the mini-dress. Many of modern women will admit to enjoy such outfits. Aviator sunglasses would go perfect with all the three or variations of suchlike. Dressy aviators would be even better match of analogous outfits.

Tiffany TF3052B

Choosing aviator shape is sort of a skill. Generally speaking if your face is long, round bottom aviators will look better on you than classic Ray-Ban shape. If you have a full or round face, higher eyebrow aviators will be a matching shape. And if you have square shaped face, a classic aviator sunglasses shape will be good for you.

Tiffany TF3051B

In terms of style, Tiffany sunglasses are offered in many alternatives. A light blue gradient lens adds chic, especially to sunglasses for driving or afternoon hours when sun is not as bright. Temples decorated with crystals and pearls look good on Tiffany aviators and are perfect option of women with elegant style. Other Tiffany iconic charms like Tiffany heart, padlock or a key give Tiffany aviator sunglasses playful and rich look for women and girls with more casual personal styles.
Tiffany TF3049B