Dior Sunglasses Merge Fashion With Sport

26 April 2017

Newly appointed designer for Dior Maria Grazia Chiuri is taking the Dior style into a different dimension something in between high fashion and sport. Sunglasses are first to get this shift as an experiment whether the idea will hold off among customers. Dior has historically massed the theme of lady and femininity. But as per Maria, who comes from years of working for Valentino, femininity changed dramatically since 80 years ago. Women are powerful and busy. Long skirts and tight wasted belts isn’t practical any more for a daily use. Elegant sneakers and comfortable clothing is much more desirable.

What about Dior sunglasses? Practicality isn’t really a feature of sunglasses, because they are you know...just sunglasses. It’s not like you’d be digging the garden in them. But sunglasses are essential style piece that often defines your entire style. And Dior sunglasses are meant to act in that function the most, to make up your entire look.

Dior sunglasses are very fashionable, some may think a bit too ultra, but if you are a fashion person, you wouldn’t be complaining. Today Dior sunglasses really look much more interesting than any other brand. Flat lens that cuts into the complex wired frame, mirrored coating and even a patterned print are just some elements of amazing Dior sunglasses.

Dior Sideral SunglassesDior Sideral
Dior MirroredDior Mirrored
Dior ReflectedDior Reflected

Ultra Dior sunglassesDior Ultradior

Dior Sideral
, Dior Mirrored, Dior Ulradior, Dior Reflected are best sellers so far. Entire Dior sunglasses set is only 60 models with just about 20 added this year. It’s a limited edition line and each pair is meant to be special. Open your mind to Dior sunglasses to impress yourself with new look.