It's Dior Sunglasses Time

14 October 2015

Having a pair of Dior Sunglasses is like having a Luis Vuitton purse or Prada shoes. It's a must have in any fashion frenzy collection. Just like Chanel purse, Dior sunglasses are always in style. They match any clothing, whether it's jeans or little black dress. Dior sunglasses MAKE YOUR STYLE. Whatever you are wearing, they will dominate your look. You can forget about makeup or hair. Dior sunglasses will be the attention point on your face, so you can get lazy if you feel like it.

At Button Eyes Optical we advice our clients to get a plastic, classic pair of Dior sunglasses if it's truly your first. Otherwise, get what you don't already have. Got plastic, get aviator. Not aviator fan, get cat eye.
At Button Eyes Optical we also believe that sunglasses are no longer sun protective device. It's a fashion item, your main accessory. Don't worry about matching with the face shape or hair color. In 21st century it does not matter any more. Everyone got to have many pair of sunglasses and they must be a cool item even when lying in your drawer or restaurant table. Just get it!